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Skeletal Mage
These powerful Elven Wizards were a part of a brotherhood of light sent to rid it of as much evil as possible or die trying. Unfortunately the brotherhood met its match in the Vampire Lords and their evil powers. The Vampires took advantage of the now deceased Elves and corrupted their souls with their powers of darkness, forever binding them to the lords as Skeletal Mages for eternity.
Class:Undead Level:4
Attack:7 - 8 Defense:9 - 10
Armor:7 - 7 Damage:2 - 8
HP:15 - 18 Gold:6 - 9
XP:16 - 20
Piercing Strike:5% - 5%
Reinforced Armor:2% - 3%
Dropped Items
Infernus Armor
Rune of Health
Scalemail Armor
Spiked Club
Spawning Information
Elya Plains North:100%
Additional Notes

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