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Dokfarn Lake Guard
The Dokfarn Lake Guard protect the shores of the lake from naval attack by the power hungry Hobgoblins that make their home on the other side. These stern warriors are well armed and adept watermen,often taking their battles to the lake in sleek Elven vessels to destroy their enemies before they even make it to the shores.
Class:Elf Level:628
Attack:4713 - 4841 Defense:1542 - 1628
Armor:1709 - 1805 Damage:4384 - 4542
HP:12275 - 12895 Gold:259 - 341
XP:2201 - 2211
Piercing Strike:10% - 20%
Critical Hit:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Boots of Makeal
Gloves of Tasatte
Helmet of Walel
Rune of Elighjar
Spawning Information
Dokfarn Lake (Islet):9%
Dokfarn Lake (Mouth):91%
Additional Notes

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