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Witch of the Lake (Elite)
The ruler of the corrupted Dokfarn Elves is known as the Witch of the Lake though her real name is Adryiel. She is said to be many thousands of years old and lives within a legendary tower built in times immemorial known as the Fluent Spire. From this tower it is said that she communes with the Deity of the lake and casts her spells on enemies only she can see from the immense height of the spire causing destruction upon foes that dare disturb her realm on both sides of the lake.
Class:Magical Level:630
Attack:12863 - 13017 Defense:5894 - 6052
Armor:4697 - 4897 Damage:17177 - 17299
HP:40641 - 41259 Gold:257 - 343
XP:3800 - 3810
Piercing Strike:30% - 40%
Disarm:20% - 30%
First Strike:30% - 40%
Hypnotize:30% - 40%
Dropped Items
Witches Amulet of Deflection
Witches Ring of Destruction
Witches Rune of Decimation
Spawning Information
Fluent Spire:100%
Additional Notes

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