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Malahas (Legendary)
The noble Malahas is, or rather was, a guardian spirit of the deep forests. She too has had her essence corrupted by the coming of Burzzthak and where once she protected, now she destroys, slaughtering all before her, forest creature or human. Will you step forth to try to subdue this poor wretch and protect her from herself?
Class:Feline Level:375
Attack:1876 - 1986 Defense:1900 - 2032
Armor:1596 - 1740 Damage:2638 - 2828
HP:8023 - 8577 Gold:1 - 1
XP:1589 - 1835
Piercing Strike:40% - 50%
Reinforced Armor:15% - 25%
Critical Hit:15% - 25%
Dodge:50% - 75%
First Strike:50% - 75%
Dropped Items
Forest Cat Paws
Forest Helm of Stalking
Forest Rune of Cunning
Forest Vine Loop
Spawning Information
Canyon Rise:19%
Broken Lands (South):23%
Broken Lands (East):24%
Forgotten Plateau (Outer):26%
Forgotten Plateau (Inner):8%
Additional Notes

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