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Grofflesnout Magus
These crazed greenskin creatures cast a sense of trepidation amongst its enemies. Scything claws and razor sharp teeth make the Grofflesnout one of the most feared greenskin creatures in Erildath. The Grofflesnout Magus is under an evil enchantment spell cast by the Shadow Lord.
Class:Greenskin Level:58
Attack:234 - 250 Defense:110 - 125
Armor:110 - 130 Damage:150 - 210
HP:90 - 99 Gold:50 - 67
XP:110 - 130
Banishment:4% - 6%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Heart
Hammer of Ulithar
Ring of Shroud
Rune of Multi-Fortify
White Star Flail
Spawning Information
Ellan Port Major:16%
Feidal Swamps North:26%
Feidal Swamps East:13%
Slayers Forest South:32%
Orcan Forest North:13%
Additional Notes

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