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Tuzon Ogre
The Tuzon Ogre tribe rule Eohlar with an iron fist. They are a warrior tribe, as with most Ogre societies, and seek out any chance to prove themselves as the best warriors of the tribe by seeking out trolls or other prime fighting material and beating them in single combat.
Class:Beast Level:643
Attack:3195 - 3325 Defense:1396 - 1546
Armor:1403 - 1535 Damage:6617 - 6749
HP:12767 - 13003 Gold:261 - 339
XP:2254 - 2264
Critical Hit:10% - 20%
Breaker:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Armor of Gottal
Rune of Taakel
Stolen Supplies
Spawning Information
Eohlar (South):91%
Eohlar (West):9%
Additional Notes

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