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Sa-Niff Stalker
The Sa-Niff is close relative of the Sa-Lith and they have an even more secretive life in the caves than their relatives. The Sa-Lith call them Stalkers as they have a natural chameleonic ability. If they can be found, the Sa-Lith employ them as assassin like warriors to hunt down their enemies.
Class:Reptile Level:647
Attack:2712 - 2814 Defense:2652 - 2776
Armor:3711 - 3831 Damage:3615 - 3815
HP:12697 - 13233 Gold:292 - 308
XP:2268 - 2278
Dodge:5% - 10%
Disarm:5% - 10%
First Strike:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Armor of Ussale
Rune of Kikalk
Shield of Stalia
Flail of Goinoal
Spawning Information
Audinar Depths (Inner):89%
Audinar Depths (Lost Labyrinth):11%
Additional Notes

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