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Sa-Lith Veteran
As the Sa-Lith age their scales harden and they become stronger and slower and are then inducted into the Veteran units where they learn double sword fighting skills and are given heavy armor. A battle ready Veteran is a powerful opponent who can shrug of all but the most powerful of weapon blows.
Class:Reptile Level:648
Attack:3486 - 3636 Defense:1793 - 1907
Armor:1376 - 1524 Damage:6028 - 6216
HP:12795 - 13175 Gold:294 - 306
XP:2271 - 2281
Reinforced Armor:30% - 40%
Dropped Items
Boots of Aviale
Gloves of Losfou
Helmet of Comhal
Ring of Hepeloca
Spawning Information
Audinar Depths (Lost Labyrinth):91%
Elrill Dungeon (Entrance):9%
Additional Notes

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