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Grofflesnout Lord
These crazed greenskin creatures cast a sense of terror amongst its enemies. Scything claws and razor sharp teeth make the Grofflesnout one of the most feared greenskin creatures in Erildath. The Grofflesnout Lord is a deadlier breed of Grofflesnout, gaining incredible powers through the corruption of the Shadow Lord. Very few manage to survive the savage attacks of these creatures.
Class:Greenskin Level:64
Attack:165 - 176 Defense:140 - 150
Armor:140 - 150 Damage:260 - 373
HP:115 - 125 Gold:60 - 67
XP:120 - 146
Reinforced Armor:10% - 12%
Nullify:4% - 5%
Dropped Items
Amethyst Weed
Amulet of Xaen
Armor of Glaek
Gloves of Kane
Helmet of Phalcrow
Helmet of Xaelan
Rune of Animorph
Spawning Information
Feidal Swamps South:14%
Slayers Forest North:17%
Slayers Forest East:20%
Ellan Port Outskirts:23%
Ragtall Forest Outskirts:12%
Feldor Caves (Level 1):14%
Additional Notes

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