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Giron Gnome
The infamous Giron Gnomes are the Gnomes protectors in the Fire Forest. The Giron Gnomes are named after their armor suits that are made from the near mythical Giron metal. The Giron Gnomes have been very active in the forest lately, hunting unnatural creatures and strangers to the forest as news that a dark force wishes to exploit the Forest spreads.
Class:Magical Level:652
Attack:2902 - 3076 Defense:1492 - 1658
Armor:5392 - 5470 Damage:3033 - 3101
HP:15368 - 15988 Gold:291 - 309
XP:2285 - 2295
Reinforced Armor:5% - 10%
Breaker:5% - 10%
Nullify:5% - 10%
Sustain:5% - 10%
Dropped Items
Armor of Gehhlar
Gloves of Thiasol
Rune of Wholla
Shield of Otnao
Spawning Information
The Fire Forest (Ridge):91%
The Fire Forest (Thicket):9%
Additional Notes

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