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Fire Lupine
The legendary lupine stalks into the deepest reaches of the Undying Forest, the eternal night masking their territorial advance upon their unsuspecting victims. The fire lupine has gained special powers that enables it to project a stream of flame at its victims.
Class:Human Level:62
Attack:180 - 196 Defense:140 - 155
Armor:110 - 120 Damage:235 - 246
HP:170 - 180 Gold:55 - 65
XP:120 - 140
Piercing Strike:5% - 8%
Dropped Items
Armor of Veer
Crimson Moon Armour
Gloves of Fortune
Gloves of Norde
Greater Winged Boots
Greldors Rune
Rune of Calling
Viridian Vine
Spawning Information
Odin Caves (Level 2):5%
Slayers Forest South:40%
Slayers Forest West:55%
Additional Notes

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