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Torgais Cannon Crew
These highly trained human soldiers were hired by Heitwar to aid in the siege against the fortress in Eltwier. Along with the main infantry force, several of their cannon crews were also dispatched to support Heitwar's forces ordered to lay siege to Eltwier's fortress.
Class:Human Level:674
Attack:3167 - 3303 Defense:1397 - 1499
Armor:1469 - 1663 Damage:8026 - 8178
HP:14015 - 14693 Gold:282 - 318
XP:2362 - 2372
Critical Hit:20% - 40%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Ghedf
Armor of Whoar
Cannon Supplies
Rune of Doagal
Shield of Fummal
Spawning Information
Meirfur Town (Outskirts):90%
Meirfur Town (Edge):10%
Additional Notes

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