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Guardian of Eltwier
The Guardians of Eltwier are the souls of Elven warriors who were slain in ancient battles. They were magically resurrected by Lord Eltwier to protect him and his fortress serving him without question. The practice of resurrecting the dead is frowned upon by most Elves but Eltwier dismisses the old laws of his kind.
Class:Magical Level:680
Attack:5823 - 5903 Defense:1838 - 1958
Armor:1640 - 1810 Damage:4943 - 5041
HP:14264 - 14696 Gold:300 - 300
XP:2383 - 2393
Disarm:10% - 20%
Sustain:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Oppaon
Boots of Intaal
Catacombs Key
Gloves of Firraal
Rune of Takkinat
Spawning Information
Eltwier Fortress (Great Hall):100%
Additional Notes

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