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Lord Eltwier (Elite)
Lord Eltwier once governed over the entire Reinen continent before the Age of Dissent. Many years ago, one of Eltwier's most trusted generals had splintered away to create what is now known as the Domain of Heitwar. Lord Eltwier is now locked in a bitter conflict against his once most trusted General, Heitwar. Eltwier has recently gained control of certain enhanced archaic obelisks that allow him to monitor his territory from the saftey of his own fortress, however rumors that the Obelisks are corrupted by dark magics are circulating.
Class:Elf Level:680
Attack:9838 - 9982 Defense:4132 - 4274
Armor:16966 - 17156 Damage:15028 - 15100
HP:55307 - 55669 Gold:256 - 344
XP:4100 - 4110
Breaker:30% - 40%
Dodge:30% - 40%
Disarm:30% - 40%
First Strike:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Lord Eltwiers Boots
Lord Eltwiers Helmet
Lord Eltwiers Rune
Spawning Information
Eltwier Fortress (Catacomb):100%
Additional Notes

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