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Enslaved by the greenskins, the Bulltoise is a fearsome creature that dwells deep within the Ember Wastes.
Class:Greenskin Level:73
Attack:240 - 270 Defense:215 - 230
Armor:260 - 279 Damage:220 - 250
HP:180 - 190 Gold:68 - 77
XP:141 - 161
Critical Hit:7% - 8%
Dropped Items
Klergs Rune
Shield of Darkness
Xacreans Boots
Spawning Information
Inferno Mountains North:4%
Endlore Valley North:5%
Endlore Valley East:7%
Endlore Valley South:19%
Endlore Valley West:8%
Motaur Forests North:15%
Motaur Forests East:7%
Motaur Forests South:16%
Motaur Forests West:7%
Inferno Mountains South:4%
Gebores Divide North:8%
Additional Notes

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