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Sewer Crawler (Champion)
Sewer Crawlers are sewer-dwelling arachnids that can grow to large sizes by feeding on waste that is found in abundance in the sewers, and are capable of surviving in this harsh environment thanks to its surprisingly high resilience to disease. Some Sewer Crawlers begin to grow spikes upon their carapace, these Crawlers are generally seen as being more vicious than usual.
Class:Vermin Level:687
Attack:2670 - 2732 Defense:7371 - 7559
Armor:6758 - 6906 Damage:4471 - 4623
HP:21265 - 21829 Gold:239 - 361
XP:3438 - 3448
Sustain:20% - 30%
First Strike:25% - 45%
Dropped Items
Shield of Reigha
Rune of Sixaesel
Spawning Information
Mittamurk Sewers (Ingress):100%
Additional Notes

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