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Wailing Tupelo (Champion)
Of all the trees in the swamp, none are as foul and evil as the Wailing Tupelo. These trees are hard to tell apart form normal trees in the swampy forests except for the evil faces wrought into the bark of the tree. The older Wailing Tupelo emits such powerful screams from its faces when someone in near,it can cause the explosion of its victim, leaving little more than a bloody stain in the swamp.
Class:Plant Level:694
Attack:7990 - 8136 Defense:2669 - 2773
Armor:3051 - 3169 Damage:7833 - 7901
HP:21646 - 21882 Gold:248 - 352
XP:3473 - 3483
Critical Hit:30% - 45%
Sustain:20% - 30%
Dropped Items
Ring of Maellas
Shield of Ghaddan
Spawning Information
Hyrmit Swamps (Verge):100%
Additional Notes

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