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Stygian Manticore
These creatures are quite formidable, you cut off their wings and they can still run extremely fast, you chop off their head and they can still summon enough strength to sting you with their tail. Their poison is well known to cause their victims blood vessels to basically dissolve, causing severe hemmoraging and a painful but mercifully quick death.
Class:Beast Level:701
Attack:2307 - 2377 Defense:3833 - 4025
Armor:2936 - 3112 Damage:5570 - 5678
HP:14624 - 15218 Gold:274 - 326
XP:2457 - 2467
Breaker:10% - 20%
Dodge:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Shistal
Boots of Mazingal
Rune of Clasour
Shield of Revolssal
Spawning Information
Stygian Flats (Edge):88%
Stygian Flats (Plateau):12%
Additional Notes

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