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Fuvayu (Titan)
Fuvayu is a rogue demon. Having escaped the Shroud, where he has been tortured and experimented on by the Shadow Lords minions, he is ready to inflict his pain on the Realms. Finding nothing worthy of possessing, he has harnessed the very winds and is wreaking havoc everywhere he touchs down!
Class:Demon Level:400
Attack:3198 - 3292 Defense:2066 - 2232
Armor:2484 - 2648 Damage:4085 - 4141
HP:14168 - 14812 Gold:255 - 345
XP:1575 - 1635
Reinforced Armor:60% - 65%
Breaker:35% - 40%
First Strike:20% - 25%
Dropped Items
Fuvayus Vortex Stone
Spawning Information
Wasteland (North):25%
Wasteland (East):25%
Dark Blade Clan Lands:25%
Broken Fang Clan Lands:25%
Additional Notes

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