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Lizardkin Brute
Originating from the depths of the Plague Mists, drawn out by the conflict that has ascended outside their homeland. The Lizardkin Brute is a highly feared warrior, few capable of surviving its devastating blows.
Class:Greenskin Level:68
Attack:175 - 180 Defense:180 - 189
Armor:195 - 200 Damage:210 - 239
HP:160 - 175 Gold:50 - 90
XP:130 - 152
Piercing Strike:7% - 9%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Chance
Gloves of Ilyusar
Helmet of Oklar
Amulet of Jeldath
Armor of Jedlas
Boots of Yolsmar
Gloves of Deemstar
Helmet of Nugarth
Spawning Information
Slayers Forest West:13%
Ragtall Forest:35%
Ragtall Forest Outskirts:52%
Additional Notes

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