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Greater Carnosaur (Elite)
This infamous beast stalks ponderously through the Nismildor Slopes. This creatures hunts alone. Having killed off all the neighboring Carnosaur\', this solitary beast possesses a considerable amount of territory, thanks to it\'s constant aggressive nature. It is now on the move through the forest as it pursues food, that is becoming scarce in the forest.
Class:Beast Level:740
Attack:10791 - 10959 Defense:6387 - 6551
Armor:18315 - 18487 Damage:14510 - 14636
HP:60071 - 60697 Gold:284 - 316
XP:4460 - 4470
Piercing Strike:40% - 50%
Critical Hit:40% - 50%
Dodge:40% - 50%
Dropped Items
Greater Carnosaur Mace
Greater Carnosaur Shield
Greater Carnosaurus Amulet
Spawning Information
Nismildor Forest (Slopes):100%
Additional Notes

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