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Hellfire Lupine
The legendary lupine stalks the deepest regions of the Inferno Mountains, the eternal night masking their territorial advance upon their unsuspecting victims. The Hellfire Lupine has gained special inferno powers enabling it to hurl spheres of fire at its opponents.
Class:Demon Level:76
Attack:240 - 270 Defense:280 - 300
Armor:200 - 210 Damage:245 - 250
HP:210 - 225 Gold:70 - 80
XP:152 - 162
Reinforced Armor:3% - 4%
Holy:4% - 6%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Shenar
Helmet of Plenor
Rune of Xala
Shield of Yalmar
Gloves of Upenlor
Helmet of Omatra
Shield of Litmora
Spawning Information
Inferno Mountains East:100%
Additional Notes

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