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Ice Lizard
The Ice Lizards are a reptilian race of vicious cold blooded killers and will attack anything and anyone just for the taste of warm flesh. The Ice Lizards dwell in the frozen waters waiting for warm blooded prey to come along before striking, clawing and biting at their prey before dragging them into the sea to be eaten.
Class:Aquatic Level:79
Attack:420 - 450 Defense:375 - 380
Armor:190 - 200 Damage:120 - 125
HP:130 - 140 Gold:74 - 84
XP:158 - 168
Reinforced Armor:12% - 14%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Yark
Armor of Greater Might
Shield of Uphan
Spawning Information
Frozen Lakes North:18%
Frozen Lakes South:18%
Glacier Forest North:40%
Glacier Forest South:24%
Additional Notes

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