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Orrotaui Elidyon Python
The Orrotaui Elidyon Python can deliver a lethal dose of venom capable of taking down the largest of prey within seconds. This creature is capable of producing up to fifty eggs and once hatched the jungle swarms with baby Orrotaui Elidyon Pythons. Thankfully they are harmless and many are prey of other species, keeping the population of dangerous adults low.
Class:Beast Level:789
Attack:6779 - 6887 Defense:2334 - 2506
Armor:1927 - 2053 Damage:5482 - 5566
HP:16621 - 16917 Gold:274 - 326
XP:2765 - 2775
Critical Hit:10% - 20%
Dodge:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Nadrell
Gloves of Balbeda
Rune of Flauir
Shield of Gherdal
Elidyon Remains
Spawning Information
Orrotaui Forest (Thicket):86%
Orrotaui Forest (Clearing) :14%
Additional Notes

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