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Echigal the Invidious (Elite)
One of the descendants of the original guardians of the Fallen Sword from the west. Echigal has never been a good dragon, shunned as a hatchling and disliked by others of his kind he went into exile, becoming a vile evil creature know in lore as Echigal the Invidious. Practising forbidden necromantic magic Echigal now creates an army of the undead that, in his twisted mind, will help him destroy all goodly dragons in the world.
Class:Dragon Level:800
Attack:14618 - 14804 Defense:9662 - 9786
Armor:15512 - 15612 Damage:14317 - 14485
HP:65134 - 65426 Gold:222 - 378
XP:4820 - 4830
Reinforced Armor:40% - 50%
Nullify:40% - 50%
Dodge:40% - 50%
Dropped Items
Echigal Amulet
Echigal Helmet
Echigal Rune
Spawning Information
Tormented Recess (Fissure):100%
Additional Notes

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