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Ratman Scout
Originating from unknown lands to the far south, little is known about the Ratmen except that all of their kind encountered have been violent, filthy and of an evil disposition. The Ratmen scouts are often spotted in the area and thought to have been sent by their leaders to scout out distant frontiers and report any threats well ahead of time, as well as gather information.
Class:Vermin Level:812
Attack:5430 - 5556 Defense:2562 - 2696
Armor:4293 - 4493 Damage:4662 - 4808
HP:17136 - 17368 Gold:275 - 325
XP:2845 - 2855
Critical Hit:10% - 20%
Dodge:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Boots of Grovalke
Gradlei Pendant
Ring of Aliova
Rune of Gharftl
Spawning Information
Eldshaw Rocks (East):86%
Eldshaw Rocks (South):14%
Additional Notes

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