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Lorelei the Consumer (Super Elite)
Lorelei the Consumer was once a Succubus of reasonable power. She saw herself as a foul demon and so pleaded with the Goddess of Magic, Lindarsil, to be made human. The Gods rarely give away such gifts for free so she set Lorelei a test. If she completed the test, she'd become Human. If she failed she would become something......else. The test itself is lost in the mists of time but the result is not. Lorelei failed her test and her demonic frame was warped and twisted into the powerful, evil form of a Lamia. This shattered her mind and she now rampages through the worlds Forests with a Lamias vile hunger for the flesh of the young and innocent.
Class:Demon Level:475
Attack:17580 - 17768 Defense:13505 - 13627
Armor:18063 - 18113 Damage:7770 - 7888
HP:56964 - 57196 Gold:112 - 488
XP:11786 - 12164
Piercing Strike:75% - 80%
Critical Hit:75% - 80%
Disarm:75% - 80%
First Strike:75% - 80%
Hypnotize:75% - 80%
Dropped Items
Ornate Bracers of the Lamia
Ornate Choker of the Lamia
Spawning Information
Grintz Forest (East):20%
Maedos (East):20%
Dark Vale (West):20%
Dark Mist Forest (Haunt):20%
Gao Tain Lake (Grove):20%
Additional Notes

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