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Chalbm Wolf
In the Snow covered Nualgiath Forests travelers tell how they often feel they are being watched by a supernatural force, a hungry presence deep and unseen in the trees that is hunting them. This eerie power is accredited to the Chalbm Wolf,a large type of white wolf with strange hypnotic eyes that is said to use magical powers to lock on to and track their prey through even the worst conditions.
Class:Canine Level:826
Attack:4677 - 4849 Defense:3109 - 3247
Armor:4034 - 4106 Damage:5454 - 5610
HP:20933 - 21177 Gold:270 - 330
XP:2894 - 2904
Reinforced Armor:4% - 6%
Sustain:10% - 20%
Hypnotize:4% - 6%
Dropped Items
Rune of Dwerlka
Gloves of Comreif
Spawning Information
Nualgiath Forest (Clearing):87%
Nualgiath Forest (Thicket):13%
Additional Notes

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