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Doujin Hag
The Swamps are home to a strange cabal of witches. These vile women are known as the Doujin Hags and are known by the locals for their evil spell casting deep in the swamps and are avoided at all cost. In particular story\'s about the Hags feature their magical ability to project multiple copies of themselves to confuse their victims.
Class:Human Level:852
Attack:4019 - 4185 Defense:3910 - 4018
Armor:4809 - 4955 Damage:5049 - 5237
HP:21391 - 22029 Gold:256 - 344
XP:2985 - 2995
Piercing Strike:10% - 20%
Nullify:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Dariila
Helmet of Auienma
Rune of Gheruia
Shield of Cerila
Spawning Information
Doujin Swamps (Mire):87%
Doujin Swamps (Murk):13%
Additional Notes

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