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Elmtor Warrior (Champion)
These highly skilled warriors were part of the Elmtor empire. These particular warriors were slain during a major battle hundreds of years ago. They were resurrected by a powerful creature with knowledge in the dreaded magics of necromancy. The Elmtor Warrior Champions are the most battle hardened of the Elmtor and are skilled in combat, even in their decomposed state.
Class:Undead Level:794
Attack:6546 - 6642 Defense:7438 - 7490
Armor:7996 - 8150 Damage:2697 - 2765
HP:24520 - 25208 Gold:252 - 348
XP:3973 - 3983
Critical Hit:20% - 25%
Dodge:20% - 25%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Dismofer
Boots of Debinale
Spawning Information
The Lost Ascent (Forgotten Cavern):100%
Additional Notes

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