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Dream Djinn
The Dream Djinn are capable of giving one wish each to their owner but Koura was devious and captured 3 of these beings after searching over the deserts. After making selfish wishes for great wealth and power he used his last wish for all the Dream Djinn to remain as his bodyguard until the day he dies. From that day on Koura has been protected by these beings of great strength and power.
Class:Magical Level:870
Attack:5195 - 5255 Defense:4069 - 4215
Armor:7182 - 7300 Damage:1764 - 1954
HP:21878 - 22450 Gold:287 - 313
XP:3048 - 3058
Nullify:10% - 20%
Dodge:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Sorifie
Rune of Offakle
Shield of Ploura
Mace of Guiral
Spawning Information
City of Elghast (Plaza):100%
Additional Notes

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