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Uktan Gladiator
The Uktan is the most famous of the Arenas in Helmirr and produces great Gladiators that are skilled in a variety of combat skills and are well armed. The Uktan Gladiators are currently rampaging through one side of the City of Helmirr with the other gladiators that have been released buy an unknown person.
Class:Human Level:882
Attack:5137 - 5223 Defense:2455 - 2561
Armor:2619 - 2789 Damage:8290 - 8366
HP:18600 - 18844 Gold:267 - 333
XP:3090 - 3100
Thievery:10% - 20%
Breaker:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Verila
Boots of Haliruig
Rune of Gradmir
Shield of Pralig
Spawning Information
City of Helmirr (Marketplace):100%
Additional Notes

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