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Encholic Tribes Man (Champion)
Encholic Tribes Men are fearsome warriors, coating themselves in the of their enemies and working themselves into a frenzy many an enemy flees them rather than fight. The Tribes Men are armed with a deadly curved sword coated in deadly poison milked from the Purple Cobra and a Bronze shield that bears the Tribes symbol. The most skilled and frenzied Encholic Tribes Men lead their men by example in battle, screaming and hacking their foes apart in combat.
Class:Human Level:814
Attack:3616 - 3688 Defense:6959 - 7143
Armor:8988 - 9166 Damage:5663 - 5739
HP:25256 - 25712 Gold:274 - 326
XP:4073 - 4083
Reinforced Armor:20% - 30%
Nullify:15% - 35%
Dropped Items
Armor of Elightar
Rune of Alithgha
Spawning Information
Eldshaw Rocks (West):100%
Additional Notes

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