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Tree Mistress Zykz (Legendary)
Tree Mistress Zykz is one of the most powerful of the tree beings known as the Hamadryads. She experienced the destruction of her forest home and her Hamadryads by humans and since that day took on a gloomy aspect of decay and doom. As much a danger to plant life as animal life. Wherever Zykes travels, rot and decay follow, an ability that threatens the life of the world and one that must be extinguished...
Class:Plant Level:750
Attack:3441 - 3565 Defense:2351 - 2501
Armor:2139 - 2265 Damage:8323 - 8511
HP:16442 - 16658 Gold:263 - 337
XP:4507 - 4553
Piercing Strike:60% - 70%
Critical Hit:60% - 70%
Dodge:30% - 40%
Disarm:70% - 80%
Hypnotize:30% - 40%
Dropped Items
Heartwood Amber Pendant
Heartwood Cuirass
Heartwood Hand Wraps
Spawning Information
[no spawn data]
Additional Notes

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