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Pinoldar the Centaur (Super Elite)
Pinoldar the Centaur is one of the greatest of the Centaur warriors of the tribe of Naean. He is a great warrior whos hatred for evil has lead him on a search for other like minded warriors. He encourages those he finds to fight him, for those who win against his great skill he will deem them powerful enough to continue on their way as worthy warriors against the dark.
Class:Beast Level:610
Attack:19964 - 20022 Defense:18045 - 18223
Armor:19961 - 20067 Damage:15061 - 15215
HP:87738 - 88134 Gold:269 - 331
XP:18329 - 18521
Reinforced Armor:75% - 80%
Breaker:75% - 80%
Dodge:75% - 80%
Disarm:75% - 80%
First Strike:75% - 80%
Dropped Items
Pinoldar the Centaur Rune
Pinoldar the Centaur Saber
Pinoldar the Centaur Vambrace
Spawning Information
Bleak Caves (Mouth):50%
Desert of Brigands (South):50%
Additional Notes

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