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Swamp Tree Anaconda
Using its remarkable camouflage, the Swamp Tree Anaconda lays in wait within the trees and dense foliage, unexpectedly striking its victims from above or below before devouring them whole.
Class:Reptile Level:98
Attack:450 - 485 Defense:330 - 350
Armor:280 - 300 Damage:470 - 490
HP:370 - 395 Gold:92 - 108
XP:197 - 208
Piercing Strike:10% - 15%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Seey
Crimson Realm Armor
Helm of Xanthion
Reinforced Frost Blade
Ring of Cluster Fire
Shield of Votintown
Spawning Information
Eldora Plains (East):8%
Eldora Plains (North):8%
Eldora Plains (South):13%
Savage Ruins (North):17%
Savage Ruins (South):42%
Savage Ruins (West):11%
Additional Notes

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