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Undead Drake (Champion)
Undead Drakes stalk these lands. It is said in books of magic that the spirit of Dragons is difficult to resurrect with necromantic magic, if not impossible. However the Undead Drakes have been resurrected and terrorise the land, blasting their victims with breaths of dark magic that strips them of flesh. Who or what resurrected the Drakes remains unknown...
Class:Undead Level:905
Attack:7663 - 7761 Defense:3879 - 3955
Armor:8282 - 8384 Damage:8282 - 8400
HP:33755 - 34177 Gold:283 - 317
XP:4350 - 4716
Reinforced Armor:30% - 35%
First Strike:10% - 20%
Hypnotize:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Gloves of Glodhja
Mace of Nighrea
Spawning Information
Krudar Crags (Border):100%
Additional Notes

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