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Desolation Slug
The creatures known as Desolation Slugs slowly move over the landscape. These creatures are not true slugs but more of a giant Amoeba with stinging tentacles. These creatures seem to feel no pain and are difficult to kill, something the Orks have been trying to do for some time in the area. Desolation Slugs will absorb anything organic and slowly digest it in its jelly like body.
Class:Vermin Level:907
Attack:3156 - 3306 Defense:5281 - 5391
Armor:5029 - 5227 Damage:5451 - 5649
HP:18958 - 19536 Gold:300 - 300
XP:3062 - 3304
Piercing Strike:5% - 10%
Reinforced Armor:10% - 20%
Disarm:5% - 10%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Theadra
Rune of Drioal
Spawning Information
Savaged Forest of Tull (Clearing):86%
Savaged Forest of Tull (Ridge):14%
Additional Notes

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