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Lichen Creature
The Lichen Creature is a master at blending in with its swamp habitat. The Lichen creatures are masters at ambush using its natural camouflage to aid in its hunting.
Class:Plant Level:94
Attack:320 - 340 Defense:400 - 420
Armor:380 - 400 Damage:360 - 380
HP:370 - 390 Gold:80 - 99
XP:182 - 195
Dodge:25% - 30%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Jalwak
Armor of Ghemmar
Boots of Fenloa
Gloves of Sechran
Razoral Blade
Ring of Talcast
Rusted helm of Worzon
Viridian Vine
Spawning Information
Pennalor Swamps (South):27%
Pennalor Swamps (West):25%
Pennalor Swamps (North):48%
Additional Notes

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