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Sephcan Warrior
The few that ever meet the silent Sephcan Warriors know that these apparently empty suits of plate armor still fight with the skill of great swordsmen. Their skill in combat has been questioned by those lucky enough to have survived these lands and many dismiss the idea they are ranked among the undead, instead they tell tales that the Sephcan Elves have become their armor or the suits have become them!
Class:Golem Level:913
Attack:5207 - 5315 Defense:2486 - 2582
Armor:8006 - 8078 Damage:3505 - 3563
HP:23128 - 23366 Gold:273 - 327
XP:3104 - 3304
Dodge:12% - 25%
Disarm:12% - 25%
Dropped Items
Armor of Zeligha
Choker of Deralz
Elvish Healing Ward
Ring of Miger
Sephcan Helm
Sephinite Compound
Shield of Meghiral
Spawning Information
Mount Riangi (Flats):87%
Mount Riangi (Ridge):13%
Additional Notes

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