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Giant Ash Scorpion
Giant Ash Scorpions roam the area hunting for food. These huge creatures are covered in a rock hard carapace and have a potent venom in their stinging tail. It has been noted that they seem to fear the Sephcan and will quickly scuttle away if confronted by one of these walking suits of armor.
Class:Beast Level:914
Attack:8081 - 8263 Defense:2762 - 2932
Armor:2228 - 2388 Damage:5978 - 6152
HP:19212 - 19576 Gold:285 - 315
XP:3157 - 3257
Reinforced Armor:12% - 15%
Dodge:12% - 15%
Sustain:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Ring of Wapol
Spear of Tomelk
Spawning Information
Mount Riangi (Ridge):100%
Additional Notes

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