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Riangi Executioner
Riangi Executioners serve as much more than those who carry out a death sentences ordered by Zanadorn Unzul. The Executioners are obsessed with death and all things evil. They also commune with spirits and demons and the most skilled of their kind have learned how to magically bind these entities with objects and even unlucky test subjects.
Class:Dwarf Level:918
Attack:5194 - 5322 Defense:2587 - 2751
Armor:2115 - 2295 Damage:9256 - 9432
HP:19348 - 19608 Gold:273 - 327
XP:3044 - 3398
Reinforced Armor:5% - 10%
Critical Hit:5% - 10%
Dodge:5% - 10%
Disarm:5% - 10%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Loberal
Boots of Caopea
Ring of Yoarela
Rune of Donnwal
Spawning Information
Elriak Depths (Lower Chamber):100%
Additional Notes

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