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Swamp Slug
Swamp slugs are giant meat eating slugs that have no weak points and dont feel pain making them a hard and resilient foe in the swamps.
Class:Vermin Level:92
Attack:420 - 440 Defense:430 - 450
Armor:280 - 300 Damage:310 - 330
HP:350 - 370 Gold:87 - 95
XP:180 - 197
Reinforced Armor:20% - 25%
Dropped Items
Boots of Galisor
Gloves of Iyaden
Helmet of Yezmor
Rune of Fenpal
Shield of Yumall
Spawning Information
Swamp Mountains (South):39%
Swamp Mountains (Peak):18%
Swamp Mountains (North):43%
Additional Notes

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