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Yozahn Pillan
Pillan are beings that exist in the warm lands. The Yozahn Pillan are not creatures of evil but they are very judgemental and protective creatures and if they believe their island home might be in danger they can conjure up magical powers to end those they believe are a threat.
Class:Magical Level:926
Attack:4472 - 4626 Defense:1915 - 2091
Armor:2400 - 2486 Damage:10624 - 10676
HP:19399 - 19893 Gold:294 - 306
XP:3008 - 3490
Dodge:5% - 10%
Disarm:15% - 25%
Dropped Items
Gloves of Hemoad
Ring of Beyale
Rune of Felaiua
Shield of Loneral
Spawning Information
Isle of Yozahn (North):86%
Isle of Yozahn (South):14%
Additional Notes

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