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Shin Yarin Maiden
A beautiful statue of a serene maiden walks the ruins of the Phantom Mists Isle. As with all Golems, the artefact is powered by magical energies. In this case a large crystal embedded into her forehead. A powerful Ice spell has been inscribed within the crystal and it is the energies from this chilling device that drives the maiden. It is almost poetical that such a graceful Creature can be driven from an element that is famous for its immobilising capabilities.
Class:Golem Level:60
Attack:200 - 250 Defense:190 - 200
Armor:80 - 110 Damage:170 - 200
HP:135 - 160 Gold:52 - 68
XP:183 - 187
Piercing Strike:5% - 6%
Critical Hit:5% - 6%
Nullify:2% - 3%
Dropped Items
Cherin Necklace
Deepwater Crystal Setting
Mezkem Boots
Shin Yarins Head
Spawning Information
[no spawn data]
Additional Notes

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