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Deepwater Kraken (Titan)
From the dark watery realms of the deep, the Kraken rises. From a time long forgotten, in the mists of ages, this beast towers over all. Even the most powerful must be wary of this monstrosity. It is said that it is immune to all weaponry bar the touch of the frost. It never comes in winter, only when the warm waters stir does it afflict the realm of the living.
Class:Aquatic Level:60
Attack:645 - 757 Defense:193 - 347
Armor:228 - 332 Damage:541 - 703
HP:1631 - 2119 Gold:55 - 65
XP:230 - 260
Piercing Strike:22% - 25%
Reinforced Armor:45% - 50%
Breaker:13% - 15%
First Strike:14% - 15%
Dropped Items
Deepwater Choker
Spawning Information
Plague Mist Isles (North):25%
Plague Mist Isles (South):25%
Plague Mist Isles (East):25%
Plague Mist Isles (West):25%
Additional Notes

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