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Kutubu Spearman
The Hills that rise up from the wide Range are the ancient stronghold of the Kutubu. Everyone who sets foot of them has to answer to the Spearman. They are a fair people, but it takes time to gain their trust. Though traders have always found it worth the effort to do so as Kutubu art is highly prized in far off lands.
Class:Human Level:948
Attack:4868 - 4934 Defense:4689 - 4829
Armor:3400 - 3568 Damage:6870 - 7054
HP:19836 - 20380 Gold:262 - 338
XP:3235 - 3417
Piercing Strike:1% - 10%
Critical Hit:3% - 15%
Disarm:17% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Merakl
Kutubu Spear Haft
Kutubu Spear Head
Kutubu War Feather
Kutubu Warspear Recipe
Rune of Macal
Spawning Information
Xanlin Plain (Rise):100%
Additional Notes

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