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Dead Dogs Drunk
Dead Dogs Island is pirate haven and a foul place of villainy and lawlessness. Drunkenness is a way of life for some pirates and the scum of the area. These drunks often stumble around the streets looking for a brawl or a place to be sick, and it\'s easy to find both on Dead Dogs Island.
Class:Human Level:935
Attack:5736 - 5834 Defense:2713 - 2903
Armor:2362 - 2496 Damage:8735 - 8885
HP:19679 - 19991 Gold:279 - 321
XP:3090 - 3472
Dodge:10% - 25%
Disarm:10% - 25%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Goridath
Gloves of Xail
Ring of Herial
Rune of Geborash
Treasure Map
Wooden Leg
Spawning Information
Dead Dogs Island (North):86%
Dead Dogs Island (Central):14%
Additional Notes

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