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Poison Slime Bug
The Poison Slime bug is poisonous to all but the hardiest of creatures. The bug uses its poison to stun its victims that it then eats while still alive...
Class:Vermin Level:99
Attack:430 - 440 Defense:430 - 440
Armor:400 - 410 Damage:280 - 320
HP:400 - 410 Gold:89 - 119
XP:193 - 213
Critical Hit:10% - 15%
Dropped Items
Armor of Ghalpear
Halmar Iron Sword
Helm of Sacred flesh
Rune of Oolam
Shield of the Zeth Legion
The Brass Keper Amulet
Spawning Information
Eldora Plains (East):22%
Eldora Plains (North):43%
Eldora Plains (South):35%
Additional Notes

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