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Alicanto the Azurewing (Super Elite)
Alicanto the Azurewing is mystical creature that is said to feast upon the flesh of the weak and vain among mankind. The bird is covered with feathers that are extremely hard and durable like Dwarf metal, though light and flexable. The feathers appear as an iridescient blue, earning the creature the name Azurewing.
Class:Avian Level:900
Attack:36741 - 36817 Defense:19982 - 20066
Armor:27641 - 27811 Damage:23502 - 23594
HP:107887 - 108273 Gold:245 - 355
XP:26179 - 28071
Reinforced Armor:75% - 80%
Breaker:75% - 80%
Disarm:75% - 80%
First Strike:75% - 80%
Hypnotize:75% - 80%
Dropped Items
Azure Feathered Gauntlets
Azure Feathered Pendant
Azure Feathered Shield
Spawning Information
Groul Lands (Clearing):20%
Gohar Barrens (Barren City):20%
Ravaged Forest (Clearing):20%
Orrotaui Forest (Ancient Ruins):20%
Isle of Yozahn (South):20%
Additional Notes

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